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  • 03/2017
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  • 02/2017

    Where do people live the longest? How do we achieve intergenerational equity? How do other countries manage it? What will life expectancy be in the future? Who will care for the seniors then?

  • 01/2017
    World Trade

    Who wins, who loses? Why is growth stuttering? How are the goods flowing? Where does trade take place?

  • 04/2016
    The Future of Consumption

    What will we consume tomorrow? How does digitization alter consumption? Who will need more in the future? How do we shape our own products?

  • 03/2016
    The Future of Work

    Are we, as a society, running out of jobs for people to do? What are the factors that will define the nature of “Work 4.0”?

  • 02/2016
    The Future of Education

    Where does knowledge come from? What are we learning today? How do we grasp the new? How will we study in the future? Who determines what matters?

  • 01/2016
    The Future of Industry

    Who goes first? Who shapes the new? Who creates progress? Who offers perspectives? How will we work tomorrow? What are we learning?

  • 4/2015

    Who is coming here? Who is helping? Who is pointing the way? Who is acting humanely? Who is building barriers? Who is creating opportunities?

  • 03/2015

    Who has ideas? Who constructs the future? Who creates new values? Who discovers the unknown? Who dares?

  • 02/2015

    Who keeps their word? Who thinks ahead? Who keeps us safe? Who remains critical? Who pays attention? Who earns our trust?

  • 01/2015

    What remains? What is to come? What is gone? Who has the plan? Who gives us hope? Who do we want to be? How do we want to live tomorrow?